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"Relationships matter: the currency for systemic change is trust, and trust comes through forming healthy working relationships. People, not programs, change people." - Dr. Bruce Perry

Choose Jessica Dancingheart as Your Empowerment Coach/Relationship Consultant.

You will be glad you did. You and those around you will feel safe, honored, and inspired, and therefore more engaged in life and healthier relationships.

Jessica is not only knowledgeable and talented, but she has the rare gift of walking her talk. She has clearly invested significant time to in-body her skills. Her services are relatable and applicable. She is open, clear and easy to deal with. Bottom line - she is the real deal if what you are after is a better relationship with yourself, others and life in general. - Greg Cortopassi, Founder and director of Launch Your Dreams. Professional speaker, trainer and executive coach.

Working with Jessica has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring for both my professional and personal life. She demonstrates and teaches a way to communicate and resolve conflict that is incredibly empowering in building and maintaining positive relationships. I leave every conversation with Jessica with more confidence in the strengths that I have. She has taught me how to show others the empathy that I harbor inside. I am so grateful to have her as a support.” Allison Posten, Ignacio Elementary School Restorative Justice Coordinator

“Jessica’s workshops and her wisdom gained from one-on-one coaching offer a delicate and precise training that definitely pays off.  By working with Jessica, I have hugely benefitted from a subtle shift in my thinking and action.” Sarah E., CFO

Our team provides basic needs support and carries out complex logistics coordination 364 days per year. It can be stressful and emotionally demanding work. We greatly appreciate the empathetic and non-judgmental space Jessica has facilitated for us. It’s allowed us to communicate more effectively, express our needs more clearly, use conflict more productively, take care of ourselves more fully, and ultimately do better work more efficiently and sustainably.” Lindsey Loberg, Program Director, Boulder Food Rescue

“Jessica is a skilled facilitator that truly opens possibilities for self care and relationship building.   Jessica teaches you how to deeply listen to and honor yourself and others.  When employing her, you will learn how to de-escalate a situation and how to solve issues by bringing every single voice to the table. As an educator and a former school principal, I confidently say that the Opening to Possibilities services bring an approach to human relationships that build healthy communities where inclusion, honesty and respectful communications are at the core.” Francis Schneeweiss, Educator, Leader, Parent & Entrepreneur

“After a brief consultation with Jessica, I gained revolutionary insights into workplace conflict issues that helped me resolve them and create a more friendly work environment.” Anonymous, Controller and Human Resource Director

PERSONAL COACHING: Use Jessica’s customized empowerment and relationship building, sustaining, and healing tools and services. After working with her, you can expect to feel happier and more confident. You will feel more empowered to live your best life. Your relationships will improve!

Jessica's work is very inspiring and transformative. A few years ago, she opened my eyes to approaches to healing that I have seen nowhere else. I would recommend her work for anyone on a journey of self discovery.” - Christopher Smith, Owner and Lead Technician of Compustar Technology Services, LLC.

“It's hard to imagine what the past few months would have been like without your support, and I'm grateful to have these new tools moving forward into the future - which will inevitably hold more change.” Anonymous - Program Director

WORKSHOPS: Jessica offers a variety of living your best life and relationship-related workshops.  They include: living your best life, self-care, how to listen and communicate from your heart, parenting workshops, social activism, creating a collaborative work environment, restorative practices in schools and workplaces, group facilitation, and getting past the pain between us.

“This was a very productive use of my time and money.  Thank you so much.” 

“I enjoy your workshops, Jessica!  Combining content with experiences makes it more relational and enriches conversations.  Thanks for opening the space and our hearts.”

What can I say? When I was invited to participate in the workshop, my biggest fear was, “Will I have to speak?” and “Will I have to speak about my feelings?”.  I struggle to speak in public, including in small groups.  Jessica made me feel safe. I did not feel pressured.   Instead, I was able to understand and practice expressing my personal needs and wants.  As a teacher, the workshop helped me understand my students at a deeper level. Now, I have more compassion and respect for their needs.” - Maggie Mata, Teacher, Solida Del Sol Academy

“I liked how Jessica let the day take it’s own path while delivering her seminar topics.”

My husband suffers greatly from Childhood Trauma.  He was in a car accident that killed his parents and 2 of his brothers.  (After your restorative practices in schools workshop offered to the entire staff of Ignacio Elementary School), we went on a very high anxiety leveled trip.  It was a trip we took for him to have some major dental work - painful and expensive!  I complimented him on how well he did to self-regulate his anger outbursts.  I said, “I can really see that you tried.” He responded, "Well, I think you did a great job too!" I asked, “What do you mean?” He responded, "It was so obvious that you were trying not to argue with me and you made things so much better when you could see that I was getting upset, and it helped me calm down!!!!!!"  OH YA (for these practices)! - Dr. Kathy P, Curriculum and Assessment Director

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